We are excited to provide our own online ordering platform for LCFF qualified vendors! 

Farmers and Producers have priority. Everyone must follow our rules and regulations. More info on our main website www.lakecountyfarmersfinest.org

Directions to start selling on our platform:

*Read the whole thing before you start - trust me, it will save you time!

1. Click on the BECOME A PRODUCER link in the footer of this page. It will direct you to register a new account. 

2. Fill in the questionaire. Be sure to select the categories for all the products that you sell. You can't leave the questions blank but you can enter na for those you want to skip. They can be edited later.

3. When you get to the bottom of the application hit SAVE/UPDATE and then SUBMIT or it won't be seen by us. 
4. Once your application has been approved, log in and click on ADMIN and MANAGE INVENTORY to start loading your items and pictures. Make sure you click ADD and then SUBMIT!
After your inventory is submitted for review we will approve and you can edit descriptions and adjust your quantities. Nothing will be live until quantities are entered, that way you can play with it until you are ready. Make sure to select the market you are selling at under PICK UP LOCATIONS in your ADMIN.

If you add new items email sieber61@msn.com and let us know so that we can approve your new items.


5. The buying window starts the day following the market, at 8 am and closes at 2 pm on the day prior to the next market so that you have time to get ready. 
6. After 2 pm on the day before each market, log in and get your sales report to prepare your orders for the Farmers' Market.

7. All your orders need to be labeled with the customer name and brought to our curbside pickup location. 

8. You will want to update your inventory and adjust quantities at least once a week to ensure that your customers can purchase from you. 

We are excited to be on this adventure and look forward to growing with you!

I am happy to walk you through this, just call me at 707 263-6076 or email sieber61@msn.com

Cheers, Cornelia